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  • Church Planting

  • Evangelism and Street Ministry

  • Sending Bible-believing literature in Russian and Ukrainian

  • Sending the Russian translation of the KJV around the world




Naomi and I were both saved at the age of seven, having been raised in church and hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After seeing the Lord leading in my life to missions and work among Russian-speaking people, I surrendered at age 17. I began preaching and ministering in a Russian-language Baptist church on Sunday afternoons while attending Bible college, secular school on weekdays, and working a job. I kept correspondence with Naomi’s father, veteran missionary Perry Demopoulos, to learn about Bible-believing work in the former Soviet Union, and the project to translate the King James Bible into Russian. I attended evening Bible institute courses, as well as taking correspondence courses through Charity Baptist Bible Institute and graduated in 2015. 

Naomi surrendered to the Lord’s will in her life, and had a desire to remain among the Ukrainian people and serve in the ministry. After seeing that God was leading us both in the same direction, and praying about a future together, we became engaged in 2015, upon my graduation from Bible institute. After a brief deputation, I moved to Kyiv, Ukraine, and was married to Naomi in 2016, and we began serving the Lord as a couple. Our son, Philip, was born in 2019. We are sent out of Anchor Baptist Missions under Anchor Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio and Pastor Mike Elliott. 


Present Work

Since 2016, we have been helping in the ministries of the Bible Baptist Church of Kyiv, under Pastor Perry Demopoulos. We found a great deal of work to do; teaching children's Sunday school, preaching, witnessing, and helping to send out literature written by Bro. Demopoulos and other men and translated into Russian. Since the completion of the first edition of the King James Bible translated into Russian, many people around the world have inquired about ordering one. Naomi and I stay active corresponding with them, and sending Bibles, especially around Ukraine, but also to Moldova, America, Russia, the Baltic states, and various countries in Europe. 

Future Work

Upon our return to Kyiv, we will continue to labour in these projects that the Lord has given us, but we anticipate a few future ministries. We have been praying about ways to get to know young people around the church, with many being reluctant to come to services, even if they have been saved. If the Lord allows, we may begin a small English club to get to know youth, as well as get them King James Bibles in Russian and English. While continuing to send out Russian King James Bibles, we hope that a Ukrainian translation of the King James will be close to completion by our return. When that becomes available, we will receive many orders from all over Ukraine. In addition, with a completed Ukrainian King James, or a parallel English/Ukrainian, that will gives us many more opportunities to distribute them in hospitals, schools, hotels, and other places. The Ukrainian language is actively promoted more so than it used to be, so that will allow us to distribute Bibles in places that otherwise would not want them in Russian. 

Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith can be found at our home church's website: In short, we believe that the King James Bible is the word of God and is the final authority for all matters of faith and practice. We use the Russian translation of the King James Bible in services and witness. Our goals as missionaries are to spread the Gospel, win souls to Jesus Christ, plant Bible-believing churches in Ukraine that will send out their own missionaries, and distribute the translated text of the King James Bible to as many people as possible. 

Thank you for praying for us!

David, Naomi, and Philip Lohman

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